Plexstar XC1610

The Plexstar XC1610 is a feature-rich, compact highly integrated central cross-connects. The XC1610 includes multi-rate SONET/SDH interfaces (4 x STM-16 or 10 x STM-4/STM-1) or (4 x OC-48 or 10 x OC-12/OC-3) with full section, line and high-order path processors. The XC1610 also contains 140G of non-blocking memory-based high-order STS/AU cross-connect, 20G low-order VT/TU path processors, 20G of non-blocking memory-based high/low-order cross-connect, a system-side interface consisting of ESSI serial links (8x2.488Gb/s or 622Mb/s). The XC1610 is configured and managed by web based feature rich GUI. It fully complies with US telecom standard. The XC1610 enables power-efficient equipment design with unprecedented scalability and carrier grade reliability.

  • Offers 4 x SFP for SONET/SDH (STM-16/4 or OC-48/12).
  • Offers 10 x SFP for SONET/SDH (STM-4/1 or OC-12/3).
  • Unidirectional Path Switch Ring (UPSR) architecture as single XC1610.
  • North/South and East/West SONET/SDH ring.
  • Low-order and high-order cross-connects.
  • MAPSTM automated protection switching, a mechanism that allows standards-based protection switching without software intervention.
  • Linear Automatic Protection Switching (APS).
  • Traffic Aggregator.
  • Low power consumption (40 Watts) and cooled by software controlled fans.
  • SMC or SEC compliant timing synchronization with ability to time from line, BITS.
  • Additional web based secured control and status monitoring support.
  • It meets all US telecom standards.
  • RoHS compliant.

  • XC1610-OC-48 for North America.
  • XC1610-STM-16 for Asia, Europe and other regions.

XC1610 Front View

XC1610 Rear View