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About Plexstar Inc.

Plexstar Inc. is a US incorporated company based in Dallas, Texas. It is focused in the design and innovation of new technologies in the telecommunications transport field. Plexstar applies cutting edge technology, making reliable, power/space efficient, and lightweight products for the telecommunications transport network (DWDM, WDM, SDH, SONET, etc.). Our products primarily come in 1U chassis.

What we Do?
Plexstar is a telecom equipment developer, manufacturer, and solution provider. Plexstar is focused on:
* Transport network (SONET/SDH/MPLS-TP)
* Optical network (DWDM, WDM)
* Mobile switching (4G LTE)
* IP based services (GE/FE)

Plexstar equipment enables innovative solutions for the telecom industry at a reasonable cost. Plexstar provides end-to-end solution or part thereof to implement new or upgrade existing networks.

Call us today at +1 (972) 318-2922 or Email us at info@plexstar.com

Next Generation Telecommunication Transport Network. MSPP Solution in 1U Chassis.
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