Plexstar TM16

Plexstar TM16 is used to generate SONET/SDH clock when there is no network clock is available. It also can receive building or line (SONET/SDH, PDH) clock and distribute timing to other Plexstar equipment.

All Plexstar devices are capable of receiving network timing from SONET/SDH line or PDH (ADM400 only) T1/E1 line. While locked to the network time, each equipment can pass network clock signal via backplane (ESSI) connector or through the SONET/SDH line interface.

Generally TM16 is deployed when multiple Plexstar devices are collocated in a single location. After locked to the network timing it distributes proper clock signal across the platform. All Plexstar devices are capable of receiving redundant timing information from the TM16.

TM16 Front View

TM16 Rear View