Plexstar CWDM SFP

CWDM SFPs (Small Form-factor Pluggable) are compact optical transceiver modules used in communications over fiber optic cables and are designed to support SONET/SDH, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, and Fiber Channel communications standards over Plexstar WDM products. Plexstar also manufactures compatible SFP transceivers which can be alternatives to those branded by Cisco, HP, and Juniper etc.


All SFPs are available for 20, 40, 80, and 120 km fiber length and data rate up to 2.5G.

Made for WDM105, WDM105P, WDM109, and WDM109P products

  • PLEX-SC3-01-40A, PLEX-SC3-02-40A, PLEX-SC3-03-40A, PLEX-SC3-04-40A
  • PLEX-SC3-05-40A, PLEX-SC3-06-40A, PLEX-SC3-07-40A, PLEX-SC3-08-40A
  • PLEX-SC3-09-40A. 

Made for WDM105B-E, WDM105B-W, WDM109B-E, and WDM109B-W products

  • PLEX-1270TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1290TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1310TX-2.5-040E
  • PLEX-1330TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1350TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1370TX-2.5-040E
  • PLEX-1390TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1410TX-2.5-040E, PLEX-1430TX-2.5-040E
  • PLEX-1450TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1470TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1490TX-2.5-040W
  • PLEX-1510TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1530TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1550TX-2.5-040W
  • PLEX-1570TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1590TX-2.5-040W, PLEX-1610TX-2.5-040W