Multiple-System Operators

With the increasing demands of telecommunications services to include data, video, voice, and multimedia services, large capacity access networks that provide high-speed, high-quality integrated services have become essential for the development of access networks. Plexstar ADM400 addresses these challenges by providing GE, FE, T1, E1 network ports for transmitting services upstream.

Cable MSOs are transforming into diversified media, information, and communications services providers. Our simplified, converged solutions to ensure that diversification doesn't lead to increased network complexity and cost increase.

Businesses represent now the fastest growing segment of the Cable MSO industry. Enable hospitals, banks, and other businesses to achieve higher velocity with the number 1 Carrier Ethernet provider.

Plexstar Product for MSO Solutions

Distribute an unrivaled 4K UHD visual experience with the best combination of network technology and services anytime, anywhere, on any device using lightweight robust power efficient Plexstar product.

For high demand of Internet service, service provider need to deploy legacy bandwidth carrier product. Plexstar SONET/SDH products are very easy to deploy and build a high-speed network.