Free Internet Calls

Free Internet (or VoIP) calls between the extensions. Enable your co-workers to talk to each other for free, whether they are in the next room, building, city or on the other side of the world.



Every extension of gTalk® PBX has its own configurable and customizable voice mail service. Voice messages can be accessed online, replayed over the phone, or forwarded to your email.


Local Numbers

We provide local telephone numbers in many cities in many countries around the world. This provides your clients the feel of local presence of your business.


Web Portal

Users of each and every gTalk PBX extension can have total control of all their settings including call forwarding and voice mail settings through personal web-based control panel.


Reduced Call Rates

The international call rates in most cases are much lower compared to traditional telecommunication operators.


Find Me

Automatically forward calls from your extension to multiple external numbers (mobile or landline) or extensions simultaneously. Never miss a call with an extension number that follows you everywhere.


Call Waiting

This feature alerts the user on incoming calls when the user's line is busy with an established call. Upon hearing the Call Waiting tone the user may put the current conversation On Hold to answer the incoming call.


Contacts Directory

Save time and keep organized with built-in contacts directory. Easily call back your missed calls or redial frequently used numbers.


Music on Hold

This feature gives your business a professional look by playing soft music for callers who are waiting on hold.


Call Transfer

Transfer calls to any phone on your gTalk® PBX system - anywhere in the world - as if the location call transferred to is the same as yours.


Extension Dialing

Save time using the 2, 3, or 4 digit extension dialing feature. Each user is issued with a phone number and an extension number that can be reached from any phone within your company.


Conference Call

Conduct voice meetings using gTalk® PBX service with simple to use conference call feature. Any number of participants can dial into a virtual conference room and participate in the meeting.


Menu Driven IVR

gTalk PBX offers menu driven IVR facility.


Emergency Service Calling

gTalk PBX service provides emergency calling in the United States through E911 service.


Phones Auto Provisioning

Manage all your IP phones with one click central provisioning. No more time consuming manual configuration of your gTalk® PBX via your phone's web admin panel.


Mobile Apps

Use gTalk® PBX app on any Android or iPhone device. This allows you to call your extensions free of charge over the Internet while out of the office.