Plexstar PDCM

Dispersion limits the bandwidth of the fiber optic cables by pulse spreading thus inter-symbol interference. Higher dispersion on the fiber will cause lower bitrate. There are two types of dispersion in fiber optic cables, intra-modal dispersion also known as chromatic dispersion happens in single mode fiber and inter-modal also known as modal dispersion only happens in multimode fiber.

Plexstar PDCM modules are intra-modal (chromatic) dispersion compensation module) that provides negative dispersion for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transmission systems and can be used to compensate dispersion on standard single-mode optical fiber (SMF) across entire C-Band.

PDCMs are available for any dispersion values from 20km to 120km compensation distance for protocol transparent data rates up to 40Gbps, typically used in conjunction with optical amplifiers.

  • Variety of compensation lengths up to 120km.
  • Passive module.
  • 100% slope compensation of G.652 fiber in C-band (Typical) Low Polarization Mode.
  • Compensates dispersion in standard single-mode optical fiber (G.652).
  • Compatible with C-Band DWDM optical channels.
  • Protocol transparent data rate up to 40Gbps.
  • Low end-to-end insertion loss.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • PDCM-20, PDCM-40, PDCM-60, PDCM-80, PDCM-100 and PDCM-120.

PDCM Front View