Plexstar OTN6400

The Plexstar OTN6400 is a very high capacity multi-service fabric-based platform capable of centralized switching of any combination of SONET/SDH, OTN, or packet traffic in a compact 1U chassis. The OTN6400 supports up to 16 SFP client ports where any port can be configured to transport a variety of clients, including OC-3/12/48, STM-1/4/16, OTU1, FE, GE, ESCON, FICON, FC-12/25/50/100/200/400, or any bit transparent client. The OTN6400 will also simultaneously support two high-speed client ports, where either port can independently be configured for OC-192, STM-64, 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN, 8G FC, 10G FC.

OTN6400 Front View