Plexstar PAMP-LA

Plexstar PAMP-LA-12/19, PAMP-LA-12/21, PAMP-LA-12/23, PAMP-LA-16/21, PAMP-LA-16/25, PAMP-LA-16/26, PAMP-LA-16/27, and PAMP-LA-16/28 are low profile ultra-light optical line amplifiers those amplify optical signals directly without the need to first converting them to separate electrical signals. These EDFAs are designed with dual-stage pump laser and internal Gain Flattening Filter (GFF) to compensate the Erbium fiber gain variation. These are typically used as an intermediate point in the network to increase DWDM channel power levels.

  • Input power: -25~-10 dBm
  • Low noise figure: Typical 4.5dBm high flatness.
  • High saturation output power.
  • Highly precise AGC and ATC circuits
  • Adjustable gain via network management.
  • Network management.
  • RoHS compliant.

PAMP-LA Front View