Plexstar ADM400

Plexstar ADM400 is a highly integrated solution for OC-12/3 or STM-4/1 add-drop or terminal multiplexers in a compact 1U chassis.

  • Add/Drop GE/FE(8xFE), T1(28)/E1(21) ports into/from SONET/SDH.
  • GE/FE aggregation, Tag base routing, bandwidth policing.
  • GE/FE mode: LCAS/Non-LCAS, Transparent. LCAS, Non-LCAS interworking. GE FE interworking.
  • SDH Payload: VC4-4c, VC4, VC3, VC12.
  • Supports various GE/FE MTU sizes.
  • E1 Mode: PCM30, PCM31, PCM30-CRC, PCM31-CRC, Unframed. T1 Mode: SF, ESF, SLC96.
  • APS Protection: MSP, SNCP, Reverse-SNCP, Ring.
  • Alarm monitoring and reporting via built-in local or network NMS server.
  • Built-in SONET/SDH analyzer.
  • Built-in Ethernet analyzer.
  • Low power consumption (under 20 watts) and cooled by software controlled fans.
  • SMC or SEC compliant timing synchronization with ability to time from line, BITS, T1/E1, or internal reference.
  • Web based secured control and status monitoring.
  • It meets all US Telecom standards.
  • RoHS compliant.


OC12-28T-8F/G for North America OR STM4-21E-8F/G for Asia, Europe and other regions.

ADM400 Front View
ADM400 Rear View