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Next Generation Telecom Transport Network

Solutions in 1U Chassis

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Telecom Transport Network
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Next Generation Telecom Transport Network

For Telecommunication

The industry’s smallest and most efficient, ideal for mobile backhaul and packet transport network deployments. Optimize your existing mobile infrastructure to meet growing needs for capacity and emerging services.

Network Upgrade

Network modernization and upgrade using Plexstar equipment may help you manage impact of rapidly increasing demand patterns and emerging technologies on performance and availability.

Datacenter Connect

Plexstar equipment based solutions may help to optimally interconnect distributed data centers resource pools across entire network and infrastructure. It may also augment initiative in building scalable data centers.

Digital Video Transport

Plexstar can provide state-of-the-art transport solutions for service providers who wish to establish high quality and scalable fiber-to-home Internet services supporting High-Definition (HD, 4K, 8K) video/TV service.

Large Industries

Users may leverage intelligent IP service edge and advances in Plexstar’s networking equipment to implement a converged, scalable, and robust multiservice IP infrastructure within geographically spread large industrial complexes.

Multiple-System Operators

Plexstar equipment follows and support industry standard protocols, thus allowing seamless integration from equipment of other vendors deployed in the same network as long as that equipment also follows industry standard protocols.

Our Products


Plexstar ADM400 is a highly integrated solution for OC-12/3 or STM-4/1 add-drop or terminal multiplexers in a compact 1U chassis.

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XC1610 is a feature-rich, compact highly integrated central cross-connects. It includes multi-rate SONET/SDH interfaces (4xSTM-16 or 10xSTM-4/STM-1) or (4xOC-48 or 10xOC-12/OC-3).

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Plexstar WDM109P is an active WDM device. It can provide up to 36G bandwidth capacity for point-to-point (P2P) connectivity.

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Plexstar DWDM116P-40G is a 16-channel duplex DWDM multiplexing device. It combines and transmits 16 signals in different colors (λ) simultaneously on the same fiber.

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Plexstar MC1000 is Fiber Media Converter which converts 1000Base-T UTP/STP media to 1000Base-SX/LX media and vice versa.

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Plexstar OTN6400 is a very high capacity multi-service fabric-based platform capable of centralized switching of any combination of SONET/SDH, OTN, or packet traffic in a compact 1U chassis.

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Plexstar DWDM140-40G is a 40-channel duplex DWDM multiplexing device. It combines and transmits 40 signals in different colors (λ) simultaneously on the same fiber.

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Plexstar POADM family of products selectively adds and removes wavelengths while passing on others rather than combining or separating all wavelengths.

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Plexstar PDCM-20, PDCM-40, PDCM-60, and PDCM-80 are Dispersion Compensation Module that provides negative dispersion for DWDM transmission systems.

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Plexstar PAMP-BA-16/10 and PAMP-BA-16/12 are low profile ultra-light optical booster amplifiers those amplify aggregated optic input power at the transmission side of the link to reach distance.

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Plexstar PAMP-PA-9/20, PAMP-PA-12/23, and PAMP-PA-12/24 are high-gain modules for pre-amplifying low input level signals that operate at the receiving end of an optical link.

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Plexstar PAMP-LA-12/19 and others are low profile ultra-light optical line amplifiers those amplify optical signals directly without the need to first converting them to separate electrical signals.

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